There is, no shit, 100 years of collective oilfield experience in this photograph and about 70 years of that is down hole. For the most part we learned that stuff together... losing, and making lots of money together, working on the same workover rig, day after day, solving problem after problem; hundreds and hundreds of different wells. There is not much these two hands have not seen before, trust me.

The gentleman on the right is one the toughest men I've ever had the privilege of working alongside.

For the record, I grew up in a rural S. Texas town of less than 800; I was driving a pickup by the time I was ten years old and gauging wells. Not kidding. The sheriff of the county, who later because quit famous when he had to shut down the Chicken Ranch in La Grange, would call my dad now and then and tell him to keep "Mike" off the highways as much as possible and as long as I stayed on gravel roads he'd overlook the fact I was driving without a license.