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Jun 22, 2022
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Hello all, This may seem like an odd post, however for some time I have been conducting research for a screenplay set in the Permian Basin in Texas in 1992, coinciding with the Kuwait oil fires. As I got into the details of the film, I realised I know far less than I thought about the technicalities of oil drilling in the desert and thought I'd go straight to the source to get my information. The input and information I am desperate for is as follows; - I am hoping for the film to begin with a very technically accurate oil rig explosion/fire, and any insight into the way this might unfold in real time (as well as the human reactions) would be invaluable. - Anybody who has experienced a rig explosion/fire first hand and may be able to offer insight into the emotional reaction to such an extreme situation. - Anyone who has experience with extinguishing oil fires, as well as guidance as to what processes may have been used in Texas in the 1990s to deal with an oil fire. - Anyone who has experienced an unfortunate loss of life whilst working on an oil rig, and the implications this may have had both emotionally and operationally. - Any commentary on the stereotype of oil rigs and roughnecks generating a hyper-masculine environment. - Long shot, but anyone who was present during the Kuwait oil fires (in any capacity; roughneck, engineer or bureaucrat) - Any interesting photos, articles or other information concerning the oil industry in Texas in the early 1990s. If you have any of this information, or just have some cool stories to tell that will help inform my screenplay I would be extremely grateful to hear from you. How did you end up in the industry? I was sent here after posting the same thing on the OilandGasWorkers Reddit page, and was told I might find some very knowledgeable people. Contact me at: NOTE: I am on UK time so my responses may take some time.


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