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May 20, 2022
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So, maybe time to trot out something about sour gas? From what I’ve seen lately there are a ton of permit filings for the ol’ Wolfcamp shales, but the once touted Bone Spring zone seems not to be very popular. Methane is one thing, but burning off H2S can be hazardous to a lot of people’s health plus you don’t need a satellite to smell it. The gold rush is on again to build pipes to move the gas offshore as fast as possible along with the oil. Once we equalize our prices with everyone else’s, our ethylene industry loses its edge. My numbers show the Permian bends over mid decade at the very latest and makes the downhill run from there, so they shouldn’t need many more pipelines. And if we can't/won't/don't drill up the Bone Spring it may happen sooner.


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