Depending a lot on the nature of the fire of course, derricks generally fall the way they were raised, down the V-door. Not always, but most of the time. Crude oil fires are believed to be 4 times hotter at their cores than gas well fires. This was a not very big fire on an enormous rig in 
Mississippi. This took a lot of dragging shit out of the way, fortunately most of it was done with winches on the back of dozers, not Athey wagon hooks. This is somewhat like peeling an onion but its a one team job with one or two dozers, not everybody pulling on shit in different directions. That's too dangerous. You tie onto something, drag it away and go back in get some more. Another dozer or two will tie onto junk and pull it well away from the well to make more room. Lots of stuff will have to be cut with torches before it can be separated and drug away. Now days well control hands use long, thermal lances to make iron cuts instead of the short hand-held torches we used in the old days.