The Delaware Basin in one photograph.

Those parked cars are all 3 benches in the Wolfcamp and two in the Bone Springs with a smattering of other stuff crammed in the lot. The empty parking places are what's left of America's oil future, our long term energy security. 

Many really oil illiterate people believe those empty parking spots will keep growing, mostly because the USGS tells them they will keep growing, and we'll never run out of drilling locations. Thats dumb. Really dumb. It's actually a big 'ol fat lie. 

When this lot gets full, to keep drilling Wolfcamp and Bone Springs wells those tight oil girls will have to move way out, far away from the airport terminal, like Culberson and Pecos Counties. Those wells out there, out of the core areas of the Delaware, won't be near as good, will make lots of gas and lots of water. They will cost more to drill and complete. 

In the meantime, oil exports from the Permian Basin keeps growing, and growing, and growing and to get rid of the shit the Permian tight oil sector has to sell that stuff to the UK and Singapore, for instance, at a steep discount to Brent. 

If that makes sense to you, I don't know what to say. 

Buy a Flintstone's car and move to the city. 
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