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Home Page photograph is of China's new deep earth mantle test going to 38,000 feet TVD. They are probably using US Wolfcamp imports to run the diesel electric power plant on this big mama jama. 

Please note how clean this location is, not a wire brush out of place. It looks like they even have the daylight tour out in front of the pipe yard doing early morning calisthenics.  
Minions 3.jpg
Above, two top of the line analysts at the Energy Inaccuracy Agency (EIA), where estimates, predictions and  wild ass guesses are made every day designed to confuse the hell out of every American already confused about oil and natural gas. This chicken shit outfit can alter foreign and domestic oil policies and drive the price of oil up. or down. at will.

Since the government pays their salaries, they are the government... and do what the big cheeses TELL them to do. They are where they are mostly to create  trust in government and to assure you not to worry about future oil and gas supply...until it's too late. 

Trust their work at your own peril. 

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