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I detest politics, try to avoid the subject whenever possible, I post this only because of its implications towards US national security. Energy security. Specifically oil security.

The wank on the left people underestimate; he is pretty much out of control and has his hands on things that can do our great nation harm. We are not prepared for that, should he. That's because the wank on the right has drained our Strategic Petroleum Reserve down to nothing and Congress, both parties, continue to allow the unfettered exportation of our nation's remaining oil resources to foreign countries. America wastes more water, and natural gas up flare stacks, than most small European countries can use in one day. 

We could not fuel a defense effort against an aggressor like Russia, or China, if we had to, right now.  

America is more worried about gasoline prices than war. War will never happen, right? The world has now moved past that sort of barbaric activity, just ask Ukraine.

Export lovers love exporting America's remaining hydrocarbon resources because they make money from it. They make up all kinds of stupid reasons to justify oil exports, like it "strengthens" are national security around the world with allies, and important trade partners. This article pretty much flushes that dumb theory down the toilet. 

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