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If it were not for Loving County, where most of Oxy's Bone Springs wells are still good,  the $56 billion dollar acquisition of Anadarko would be a complete financial bust.  Please note, Oxy has drilled no wells in Reeves in 2023. 
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"The Permian Basin Is Depleting Faster Than We Thought"

Goehring & Rozencwajg Natural Resource Market Commentary

Until the early 1930's most US oil fields were developed without rules for spacing between wells, or spacing from  lease lines, or acres assigned per well, they were developed on old English common law principles of the rule of capture,
or first come, first serve. 
Wells were often drilled by leasing just enough surface land to build a rig on it and drill a well, often the legs of those rigs touched each other they were so close together. And these wells could be placed anywhere, on town lots, and as this painting portrays, even inside shops, stores, cafes...anything was possible. 
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The USA is sitting on its shale oil ass

for sure. We have 4% of the worlds oil reserves, are the 2nd largest oil exporter but the No. 1 oil CONSUMER in the world. We'll never get any more import help from  the ME and we'll have to TAKE it from Venezuela. 

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