Exxon is in trouble for over exaggerating EUR's in Permian Basin. Link is on the Forum 

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"The supply shortfall will deepen in the second half of the year as the deployment of vaccines revives economic activity, giving Saudi Arabia and fellow OPEC+ nations an opportunity to open the taps. That would herald a turning point for the alliance -- the payoff for years of sacrificed sales to prop up the market."  Bloomberg 1.21

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Here's a little covey of Eagle Ford shale oil

wells in S. Texas I had interest in that cost a cool 

$38MM or so and won't recover enough in their 

sorted lives to pay back 60% of those costs. That means they're above average.  

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Oily Art by Mike.JPG
High gas to oil ratio, heavy (22 API), very sweet crude oil that in this photograph is seeing sunlight for the first time in 37 million years.