Ovintiv Puts Eagle Ford Shale Assets Up For Sale

Check Out the Potential Loss On THIS 

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Houston's Occidental Petroleum Loses $3.8 Billion In Third Quarter
A Biden Presidency Is Very Bullish For Oil Prices
Texas Energy Production Is Key To Maintaining National Security 

Then Why In the HELL Are We Exporting Oil?

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Another Problem

November 27, 2020

Poland; 1980

November 23, 2020

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Okeedokee, we're rolling now...$175.5 Billion, with a B, in upstream E&P bankruptcies thru
October...wait till you see  next year; its going to get ugly. 
Some 75% of the bankruptcies are directly related to unconventional resource extraction. America is OUT of affordable hydrocarbons and the shale phenomena proves it. If you think otherwise...take two, no, check that, FOUR aspirin and call me in the morning. 



Fun stuff with a Go-Pro that now days we 
would try and do with a drone. 
Some of you might recognize the music from the 60's;
Quicksilver Messenger Service 


October 13, 2020

Decorating your wooden or standard derricks in the early 1900's with signs of your company, or the name of your well, appears to be sort of a California thing. I suspect this was partially due to the shear number of wells in urban areas like Huntington Beach, Signal Hi...

October 9, 2020

This was a good well for my dad. It was an open hole completion and it would slough and sand up all the time. We'd wash it out, gravel pack it, run screens in it, pack it with pea gravel, then wash all that shit out of the hole again and start over; we are always worki...

It will take 15 minutes of your busy day to watch this film but it is well worth it, trust me. 

This is some unusually good quality 8MM film shot in the Ahwas region of SW Persia (Iran) in 1951. This is a very big blowout. The work done on this well and shown in this fi...

Martin Kelly, kneeling, and Danny Strong;  Burgan Field. Water from a monitor is cooling the situation and reducing risk. Martin was a neat freak and didn't see the point in standing up to your knees in nasty shit. The bolts have all been broken out of this well head a...

September 30, 2020

After last night's debate it's time to get off the fence and behind the next president of the United States, Mickey Mouse. He's the leader of our gang, now, clearly. He's got a cool car, a nice, outspoken wife and a really neat dog. He's a hand too...always has his wor...

Click to enlarge all charts, please. Courtesy 

Sixty two percent (62%) of all DUC's in the Permian Basin are located in just four counties in the Delaware Basin. Whazzup with that ? 

One of the reasons might be that  the average gas to oil ratio in...

September 25, 2020

This is a Halliburton external, abrasive jet cutter that has just come out of a fire in West Texas.  Its mounted on the end of an  athey wagon boom and has just been "seared,  the asbestos wrapping around hoses still in tact. Those are 3/16ths nozzles  and the pressure...

September 21, 2020

In Texas, flaring natural gas is really  stupid. It's not Siberia we live in. The Permian Basin is over 100 years old and there is oil and gas gathering infrastructure all over West Texas; that basin is only 500 miles from the largest refinery capacity in the entire wo...

September 21, 2020

This is a photograph of one of three, 3,000 foot drilling rigs designed and built by National Supply  and staffed by Noble Drilling and Fain-Porter Drilling  hands from Oklahoma, working in Eakring Field in England at the height of  World War II.  A fourth rig was ship...

September 17, 2020

Okeedokee; there were several  "joints"  along main street in Desdemona in North Central Texas in  1917; The Gusher looks to be the best spot. That's my kinda joint because a feller could walk right off the rig floor after his hitch and straight into the...

September 14, 2020

The Photography of Mike Rasco 


September 13, 2020

Almost 39 years ago to the day this little girl got her first overriding royalty interest in a producing oil and natural gas lease; the first of many in fact. She went on to become a doctor.

Twenty  months ago this little girl got her first overriding royalty inter...

September 10, 2020


[fəˈnäməˌnän, fəˈnäməˌnən]


phenomena (plural noun)

  1. a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.

    "glaciers are unique and interesting natural phenomena"


    occurrence · ev...

September 7, 2020

This is my beat up, 30 year old Halliburton briefcase for the field that stays  in my pickup's toolbox pretty much full time. Its covered in hard hat stickers from all over the world and  its got crude oil splotches on it. Trust me, you would NOT want to lay your white...

September 4, 2020

This was an engineering marvel drilled by Shell (NFG) in Loving County, Texas in early 2019 that everybody liked to call the "horseshoe" well. The directional drilling community went bat shit crazy over this thing.

To circumvent a zone of extreme loss circulation in an...

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