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The most haunting of all Deepwater Horizon photographs, on 

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A very good paper on produced water disposal in the 

Midland Basin and earthquakes  on

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Textbook bubble point death in the Bakken's

oldest two fields on

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“Too much investment led to too-poor returns. I don’t think there’s any scenario where you go back to drunken-sailor spending,” said Chris Wright, chief executive of hydraulic fracturing company Liberty Oilfield Services LLC.

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Ms. Catherine went thru a drone phase and she did some awesome work. I had to buy her two, because one would stay wrecked and in  shop all the time.  This is an old video of her work set to Phil Collins music.

One of my favorite videos!! 

My family is very proud of what we do to make a living.  We believe what we do makes a difference.  We take care of our employees and the people that work for us and we are Texas, thru and true. 


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