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There are always little things, whether it is re-fracs or enhanced oil recovery on shale wells," said Dane Gregoris, managing director for Enverus. "But that is not going to give you growth. It's not scalable enough to reverse the growth declines that the U.S. will begin to experience."

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Oil fires are hot ! Much hotter than gas well fires, even when there is condensate or NGL"S involved. Behind me is what is left of a 14 foot high substructure on a 1,500 HP doubles rig. It took three days for that substructure to melt like that. We're about to start hooking shit with an Athey Wagon hook to pull it away from the BOP stack, or what is left of THAT.

I've got the wrong color coveralls on for not having  any water sprayed on me and I recall being a hot son of a bitch taking this Joe Carpenter, BTW. 
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The USA is sitting on its shale oil ass

for sure. We have 4% of the worlds oil reserves, are the 2nd largest oil exporter but the No. 1 oil CONSUMER in the world. We'll never get any more import help from  the ME and we'll have to TAKE it from Venezuela. 

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