Ovintiv Puts Eagle Ford Shale Assets Up For Sale

Check Out the Potential Loss On THIS 

Brain Fart! 

Houston's Occidental Petroleum Loses $3.8 Billion In Third Quarter
A Biden Presidency Is Very Bullish For Oil Prices
Texas Energy Production Is Key To Maintaining National Security 

Then Why In the HELL Are We Exporting Oil?

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Another Problem

November 27, 2020

Poland; 1980

November 23, 2020

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Okeedokee, we're rolling now...$175.5 Billion, with a B, in upstream E&P bankruptcies thru
October...wait till you see  next year; its going to get ugly. 
Some 75% of the bankruptcies are directly related to unconventional resource extraction. America is OUT of affordable hydrocarbons and the shale phenomena proves it. If you think otherwise...take two, no, check that, FOUR aspirin and call me in the morning. 



Fun stuff with a Go-Pro that now days we 
would try and do with a drone. 
Some of you might recognize the music from the 60's;
Quicksilver Messenger Service 


I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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"The blog is one of the best for me personally; Mike is the Huckleberry Finn of the drilling industry."  James Regan

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raised, literally,

in the oilfields of

South Texas over

68 years ago.

I have pretty

much seen, and

done, it all."

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“In the future, certainly we believe OPEC will be the swing producer — really, totally in control of oil prices,” Bill Thomas, chief executive officer of EOG Resources Inc., the biggest independent shale producer by market value, said earlier this month. “We don’t want to put OPEC in a situation where they feel threatened, like we’re taking market share while they’re propping up oil prices.”