U.S. Drilling Total
For 2020 Will Be Lowest In More Than 80 Years
Frac Ban in the Permian​
If It Happens New Mexico's Share Of the Delaware Basin Gets Hurt the Worse

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Why Saudi Arabia Wants to Scare Oil Traders
Shale Asset Buyers Disappear
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Oily Stuff's 2020 Presidential Endorsement

September 30, 2020


September 28, 2020

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Oasis Petroleum balance sheet at 2Q 2020, from SEC;  it owed more than it was worth. What's the best way to fix this? File bankruptcy and wipe $1.8 billion of debt off the books. Its a beautiful thing, man. Shareholders are giddy....
the stock is trading at two bits a share today, down from nearly $16 a share in 2016. Oasis CEO and management deserve a bonus and a big-time retention plan for THIS fine work. See small print below: 
PS: theres LOTS of shale oil E&P's that now owe more than they are worth. 


“Oasis Petroleum Take Action to Strengthen Balance Sheet...” 

Press Release From Oasis Petroleum on Filing Bankruptcy


All the ranchers where I operate are not beneath asking when I am going to drill another oil well somewhere because they all know as soon as I  spud...  it will start raining

cats and dogs. 

We thought we had a green light for this little well and out of nowhere it came a turd floater and  rained for 3 days straight;  seven inches total. It was a nightmare but we got it done. 

This is the life of stripper well 

operator; we always find a way.


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"The blog is one of the best for me personally; Mike is the Huckleberry Finn of the drilling industry."  James Regan

Who's Stuff Is This?

" I was born and

raised, literally,

in the oilfields of

South Texas over

68 years ago.

I have pretty

much seen, and

done, it all."

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