Mike Shellman

Mike has over fifty  five  years  of  hard manual labor as a  drilling and work-over roughneck, roustabout on lease crews, backhoe and dozer operator, ditch digger, worm, gopher, consultant, boss, problem solver and the man to blame for everything. You name it, Mike's done it...still going wide-ass open 24/7 at 68.  Started wrenching and tailing out  sucker rods at the age of six. Leaned to throw a spinning chain on a drilling rig by 10 and was a driller by 18. Was taught structural geology and well economics by the best oil finders in Texas;  generates and drills prospects  on his geology, with his own money. Extensive experience  in land and curative title work,  acquisition analysis, accounting and taxation,  reserve volumetrics and DCA,  oil and gas law, regulatory law, drilling and completion engineering with  specific experience in cased  and open hole gravel packing.   Forty years as an independent oil and natural gas producer in South Texas. Currently operating oil and natural gas wells and managing various non-operated working and royalty interests in  Texas using  basically the same employees since inception. We're  family.

Voluntarily EPA and TCEQ compliant with methane emissions standards. Industry frontrunner in rendering produced water beneficial to the environment and drafting corresponding regulatory guidance for its discharge to the land surface before the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States and the Railroad Commission of Texas. 

Former part-time blowout hand for Boots and Coots, Inc., Oil Well Firefighters & Blowout Specialists, Houston, Texas, with worldwide experience; 1993-1998.  Historian; co-producer and technical advisor for documentaries on the history of oil well firefighting and blowout control. Speaker. Published writer. Published photographer. Museum curator and  research contributor to numerous organizations including  the Harry Ransom Research Institute at the University of Texas and  the Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas.


Member AAPG, STGS, SPE, and the Produced Water Society. Member of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil with specific research interest in unconventional  shale  economics, reserve accounting  and swimming against the current with regard to  shale  oil and  shale  gas "abundance."

Passionate about his  life's work;  dedicated to  preserving the rich and colorful history of  our great  industry.  


Last one, 1998; this one caught fire with David, Wayne and Mike  on the cat walk, at the V-Door. The derrick fell in 15 minutes. The blowout broached the surface casing and the entire rig was lost in a crater.

25th Kuwait Anniversery; Richard Hatteburg, David Thompson, Mike Shellman and Raymond Henry

Mike's company, the cover of World Oil Magazine; 1997