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From the presentation The History of Oil Well Firefighting & Blowout Control. Mike Shellman gave this speech to approximately 10,000 people over 5 years, from San Diego, to Bismarck, Ft. Lauderdale and back to Houston again.    

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See what these folks have to say about Permian Basin growth on NEWS STUFF

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If this dynamic persists, US LNG exports will no longer be an outlet for excess domestic production gas but, rather, a possible driver of higher prices in a system where production growth is slow,” says Tsafos. “With domestic demand and domestic production flat on a yearly basis, it is exports that are proving the most enduring source of incremental demand – and thus a main driver of higher natural gas prices in the United States as the country heads into winter.”

This is how Mikey feels after a $20, 20% drop in oil prices over a four day period.  


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