Covid-19 Is Killing Oil Workers At An Unparalleled Pace in Mexico
Halliburton Looks Beyond Shale As Fracking Remains Unprofitable
Shale Oil Realities Mean Chevron Noble Deal Likely Won’t Start An M&A Wave


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More good stuff from Darkhorse Exploration, here:


"Leverage has gone to levels not seen in recent downturns and (Chevron's)management’s comments that it doesn’t plan to take on more leverage could indicate that a protracted recovery would force the company to cut spending further, or even its vaunted dividend."

-- Fernando Valle, Bloomberg Intelligence analyst



Some old footage of Kuwait, 1991, used 

in Mike's presentation, The History of 

Oil Well Firefighting and Well Control.

 Mike gave this presentation once a month, sometimes twice a month, for years; from California to Florida, North 

Dakota to Texas and back. Biggest crowd

was Orlando, +1000; standing ovation.

Most fun, Bismark, +300; we all got

drunk and the stories were great.

Cost to give presentation was $1-2K; 

all of which was donated back to the host's scholarship funds

Best played on current scale as resolution of film is not very good.


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Who's Stuff Is This?

" I was born and

raised, literally,

in the oilfields of

South Texas over

68 years ago.

I have pretty

much seen, and

done, it all."

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